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New 2016 Toyota Prius Revealed

The world's leading hybrid takes a further step forward with the introduction of the all-new fourth generation Prius. Building on the history of Toyota's hybrid technology and its amazing achievements, the new Prius is poised to make the biggest performance leap in the model's history, setting new benchmarks for fuel economy, emissions and efficiency, with a target of improving Co2 emissions by 18 per cent.

Aimed at delivering a more rewarding driving experience, the new Prius is smoother, quieter and more responsive than ever before, with improved handling response and stability. An extended Toyota Safety Sense package, with addition of radar-managed Adaptive Cruise Control and a pedestrian detection function for the Pre-Crash Safety system, mean that the new model is safer than ever before. And of course, the styling is better than ever with a rich visual appeal and a design that emphasises convenience and comfort.

Design and Style

The first model to use a Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, the new Prius boasts a lower centre of gravity and improved driving position, going above and beyond what might be expected of an eco-car with an exciting, fun-to-drive quality. A body that's 60 per cent more rigid adds to the superior, responsive handling and the new double wishbone rear suspension absorbs a far higher level of shock than the current model. Driver's vision has also undergone significant improvement, with the view from the steering wheel now wider and deeper and rearward vision benefiting from a wider curve of the rear glass. 

In profile, the Prius displays a design which is lower, more athletic and more dynamic in appearance. Its advanced performance is reflected in its impactful visual statement, matched by a plush interior that exudes a genuine sense of luxury, with a new front seat design that provides more comfort and exceptionally low levels of noise. The effect of these many design and style improvements and the high quality throughout is a powerful, desirable presence that fits the status of the new Prius as Toyota's most advanced car, an image leader that goes far beyond being simply "another green car".

New Hybrid System

New Prius delivers the next generation of Toyota's signature hybrid powertrain, building on the aspects that make Prius the world's leading hybrid: the relaxed, enjoyable drive they provide and their fuel efficiency. The new generations of hybrids achieve a drive which is even easier and more intuitive than ever before, with an immediate and smooth response which always delivers the required level of performance. 

Fuel economy has greatly improved with the new hybrid systems being lighter in weight, lower in cost and more compact, reflecting the technological advances in battery, electric motor and petrol engine technologies in recent years. The batteries offer higher energy density, electric motors will be smaller in size (but provide an improved power-to-weight ratio) and the petrol engine sees increased thermal efficiency (more than 40 per cent - a world's best for a petrol unit). The new Prius benefits from these advances in the form of an 18 per cent improvement in fuel efficiency compared to the current model.

Toyota Safety Sense

New Prius greatly advances both its active and preventative safety measures with the adoption of Toyota Safety Sense, with new radar-governed Adaptive Cruise Control and a pedestrian recognition capability in the Pre-Collision Safety system. Only around 2 per cent of currently sold Prius vehicles include the Pre-Crash Safety system, a feature which will come as standard in the new Prius, together with Lane Departure Alert, Automatic High Beam and Road Sign Assist. An increase in the number of sensors also assists in both safety and convenience, providing the driver with comprehensive information and recognising and anticipating events which they may fail to notice themselves.

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