Article By Steven Eagell Toyota

Toyota Mirai Arrives in the UK

At Portbury, near Bristol, the first of the Mirai fuel cell vehicles has arrived in the UK! This event marks a great step forward for Toyota, and the world, towards a greener, hydrogen-powered future. Part of Toyota's global introduction of the Mirai, the world's first mass-produced fuel cell saloon is being offered in selected European markets (including the UK, Germany and Denmark) where an infrastructure for supplying hydrogen fuel is currently under development.

Through it's successful development of hybrid power, including the world's leading hybrid in the Prius, Toyota has gained the knowledge and expertise that contributed to the creation of the Toyota Fuel Cell System. With fuel stored on board in high pressure tanks, the hydrogen is then used to generate electricity in a chemical reaction with oxygen, producing energy to power the Mirai (the name means "future" in Japanese) with the only tailpipe emission being water vapour.

Toyota aims to build awareness, understanding and acceptance of fuel cell technology, promoting the development of hydrogen fuel production and infrastructure for both this and the next generation of eco friendly vehicles. The limited number of Mirai available in the UK this year have already been snapped up, principally by corporate and business customers keen to be among the first to own and explore Toyota's cutting edge fuel cell technology. These first experiences will be invaluable in helping Toyota to further refine and develop the future of eco-friendly travel.

"This marks the debut of a new age for clean mobility, a turning point in the history of the automobile. With Mirai and its fuel cell technology, Toyota is working on delivering clean, safe and enjoyable mobility for the next 100 years." - Karl Schlicht, Executive Vice President Toyota Motor Europe.

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